We are present on the whole chain: production, packaging and commercialization



Several elements contribute to our product’s quality and taste. Located in the Souss and Marrakech at the foothills of Atlas mountains, our orchards are fed with the wealth of mountains and enjoy a unique climate. This soil is conducive to a remarkable maturation and coloration of the fruit. Our teams are dedicated both to exhaustive checks on the field and laboratory operations to follow-up on the fruit’s development and make sure of the right moment to harvest.The orchards are located in various areas of Morocco. We invite you to discover those >


Packing activite-conditionnement

Endowed with modern machinery and a significant cold storage capacity in addition to a skilled and experimented workforce, our pack house provides optimal conditions to deliver a first order service.

Staff: 350 employees
Annual processing capacity: 30 000 t
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Having been packaged and stored cool, products are distributed through our own brands to the following markets: Russia, Europe, North America, Middle East and West Africa. Through traceability process’s control, the product witnesses continuous monitoring until its arrival to the customer.